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Psychedlic Copywriting will help you connect with those seeking these promising mental health treatments. As a mental health and psychedelic copywriter, I have the know-how to channel demand to your company or organization.

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Psychedelic Copywriting Services

You can hire me to write about psychedelics for these projects.

Service Pages to Attract Psychedelic-Curious Clients

A service page tells potential clients everything they need to know about your psychedelic service or offering.

This helps them make an informed decision, and gives them a gentle nudge in the right direction.

A few services your future clients are searching for:

  • Psychedelics help depression
  • Psychedelic Therapy Near Me
  • Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Training
  • Oregon Psychedelic Therapy
  • Psychedelic Mushroom Retreats

Blogging About Psychedelics to Reach More Humans

SEO Blogs are necessary for increasing your audience and bringing traffic to your service pages, ultimately adding clients.

I plan, write, upload, and continually improve the blogs I write for you, so you can sit back and enjoy results.

A few things your future clients are searching for:

  • Psychedelic ethics
  • Psychedelics for PTSD
  • Psychedelics in therapy
  • Natural Psychedelics List
  • How do Psychedelics work
I’m so in awe of this email and all of the training, effort, enthusiasm and expertise you’re continually bringing in. I’ve received a few calls from people browsing the internet so what you’re doing is absolutely working. I have 3 new “ideal” clients from referrals so that is going REALLY WELL. I can not express in words just how grateful I am for all your hard work and dedication.

Who Needs a Psychedlic Copywriter?

I work with licensed mental health professionals and companies in the emerging psychedelic space. Together, we’ll channel enough of this huge demand for psychedelic services to your practice or company. And we’ll do it ethically, legally, and with high trust.

Contact me today if you are a:

  • Company offering wellness and educational retreats
  • Licensed Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy clinic
  • Plant medicine organization or nonprofit
  • Psychedelic therapy company
  • Pharmaceutical company
Very much appreciate the initiative here 😁 You've been amazing! Thanks for being so on top of this.

Why Choose Me to Write About Psychedelics?

These are a few great reasons to hire me to write about psychedelics.

  1. I’m passionate– I write words that your target audiences will feel!
  2. SEO is included – ensuring your service page and blogs are planned for success.
  3. First-hand experience with psychedelics– including psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca (in Peru no less), MDMA, DMT, and a few others.

My own experiences with mental health and psychedelics inform the work I do for you. Additionally, my years of experience doing SEO and content for mental health companies ensures success.

In this case, success means more clients finding your psychedelic-oriented company online.

Brandon Grill

About My Experience As a Psychedelic Copywriter

Psychedelics are an amazing mental health treatment, if used maturely and correctly. After years of struggling with issues like anxiety and depression, I turned to psychedelics as a way to break through the barriers I was facing.

In the last ten years, I’ve probably used psychedelics 80-100 times. That spans across multiple, including mushrooms, acid, DMT, Ayahuasca, MDMA, and others.

What I learned through these experiences is that serious mental health gains can be made in a short amount of time, if done with intention.

Now of course, psychedelics are not a cure-all, and nobody should try them without help from a guide or their doctor.

That’s why I write about psychedelics. To highlight the good companies who are approaching this niche with intention, to dispel myths, and to offer guidance for those who are new.

I say all this to say, when I write for you about psychedelics, I’m writing from the perspective of what the reader wants to know and feel.

My Psychedelic Mission

My psychedelic mission is to help 10,000 therapy clients get the help they need using psychedelics, as each psychedelic is legalized for therapeutic purposes.

Psychedelics I Write About

The following list gives a general overview, but is not comprehensive. If you don’t see something on this list, rest assured that I can write genuinely insightful articles and service pages for them.

  • DMT
  • MDMA
  • LSD/Acid
  • Ketamine
  • Ayahuasca
  • Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • Peyote/Mescaline
  • 5-Me0-DMT
  • Iboga
  • Others

I’ll write compelling articles about the uses, best practices, hazards, and related aspects of using the above substances.

I also write about the insurance and legal aspects of psychedelics, mindset, integration, ceremonies and retreats.

Terrific writing. Brandon is knowledgeable about behavioral health and skilled in making it relatable.

Benefits of Hiring Me As Your Psychedelic Copywriter


Hire me if you want the following benefits:

  • More psychedelic-assisted therapy clients coming to you
  • Blogs that are accurate and informative, attract clients, and that you’re proud to share
  • Building a national reputation as a leading psychedelic brand
  • An online marketing channel that runs without you lifting a finger
  • Getting a partner in business who cares about your success
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