What is a Mental Health Copywriter?

Complete and Exhaustive Mental Health Copywriter FAQ

If you’re sure you want to grow your therapy business, but unsure about hiring a mental health copywriter, this page is for you. See all questions you may have below. Whenever you’re ready to get started, see this.

What is copywriting? 

Copywriting is any persuasive writing meant to get someone to take a desired action. This can be signing up for your email, booking a service, opening a piece of mail, buying a program, or any number of things. 

Copywriting is a profession over 100 years old. You can imagine in that time copywriters have found effective ways to present different ideas and get sales. I’ve studied the greats like Claude Hopkins and Gary Halbert, as well as modern masters like Jacob McMillen and the team at AWAI. You benefit from the wisdom when you partner with me. 

What does a copywriter do?  

As a copywriter, I brainstorm, research, ask questions, strategize, outline, write, edit, shake my fist, rewrite, and polish your copy and blogs until they’re perfect. I do everything needed to write materials that generate sales and earn customers, so your business can thrive. 

What is a Mental Health Copywriter? 

In short, a it’s a copywriter for mental health. This can be a copywriter for therapists, psychologists, addiction counselors, sex therapists, play therapists, art therapists, dance therapists, and more. 

The goal of mental health copywriting is to bring an endless stream of new clients through your doors so you grow your profits year over year, have the option to open new locations, and feel in control of your life and business. 

What does a mental health copywriter do? 

As a mental health copywriter, I write everything your business needs to thrive. Items include website copy that gets viewers excited to work with you, blogs that build trust, educate your readers, and drive online traffic to your website, and emails that inspire your clients and followers to choose you, time and time again. See my services for more information.

Do therapists need copywriters? 

Yes, therapists need copywriters. As of April 2023, most of my clients are therapists. They’ve come to me for help writing their websites, psychology today profiles, SEO blogs, and emails. I help therapists define their ideal audience. Then, I do the work to attract them week after week. When therapists work with me, I strive to take marketing completely off their plate, so they can focus on their therapy clients.

What are the benefits of hiring a mental health copywriter? 

When you hire me, you’ll get a business partner. I take full responsibility for every project we partner on. In fact, I strive to take it completely out of your hands so you can focus on other things, like providing high-quality therapy to your clients. 

Here are some benefits of hiring a mental health copywriter: 

  • Direction for your marketing 
  • Ranking on the first page of Google in 3-6 months 
  • The freedom to NOT think or worry about your website 
  • Website copy that grips the attention of your readers 
  • Call-to-Action’s that actually work for boosting sales 
  • Blogs that check all the boxes for your readers (and Google)

And more. 

What’s different or special about mental health copywriting? 

The difference is in quality. Google punishes poor writing in the mental health field more than in any other field. This is because mental health is in the YMYL category – Your Money or Your Life. Basically, mental health content is known to have a a big influence on people’s actions, so Google wants to make sure your content is high-quality before they recommend you to more users. 

To appease the gods at Google, I’ll make sure your content and copy check the boxes of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT). I only use high quality sources such as Mayo Clinic, scientific journals like JAMA, and the APA website when I write for you. 

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, SEO is the practice of figuring out what people are searching for and giving it to them. If you do it right, Google will reward you with more traffic. The process involves a lot of moving parts, some of which you may have heard of like “keyword research.” But you won’t need to worry about this stuff with me as your partner. I’ve been certified by HubSpot for their SEO course, and I’ve gotten my hands dirty with SEO on my own website and on my clients.

What is SEO blog writing?  

SEO blog writing is the art of writing blogs that people will find helpful, and that have the appropriate formatting for Google to understand. You see, Google’s algorithm can only understand what your site and blogs are about if we give it the right road signs. That’s why I make sure to include the SEO Title Tag, URL Slug, Meta Description and more. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these are yet – I’ll take care of it for you. 

What’s the ROI for SEO? 

According to different studies, the ROI of investing in your online SEO is somewhere between $36 and $42 per dollar invested. You read that right: Invest $1 and get $36-42 back! That’s why it’s a no-brainer for serious mental health pros to invest in their businesses SEO.

Why do I need a blog? 

Blogs are the main driver of SEO, which is to say your Google ranking and how many new viewers find your services. The more traffic you can get online, the more revenue will flow to your business. So, the higher quality and quantity of blogs you have, the more traffic you’ll get, and thus the more sales you’ll get. But blogging has other benefits as well: building trust and brand loyalty, educating your clients so that therapy is more effective, and staying engaged in your community. 

What makes a good blog? 

A good blog is written around one “keyword” and gives the human reading it the information they’re seeking. It needs a compelling headline that gets clicked on, relevant images or diagrams, proper spacing and formatting to be easy on the human eye, and more. I’ll give you the SEO score for each blog I write for you, along with headline score, alternate headlines, and notes on why I wrote what I wrote. By being helpful and attention-grabbing to humans, your blogs will build a reputation with Google as being recommendation-worthy.

How often should I post a blog? 

Google recommends 1-2 blogs per week, each 1,000 words or more. Longer content ranks better in Google. So, we’ll want to upload a steady stream of blogs to your website. Luckily therapist websites are not very competitive, and 1-2 blogs will work in most cases to get you to page 1 of Google in 3-6 months. We’ll be able to determine a blog schedule that works for you on our free consultation call. 

Why do I need a copywriter if I enjoy writing myself?  

The principles of copywriting are much different than regular writing. It’s not journaling your feelings or shooting from the hip. Believe it or not, copywriting requires a lot of research for every project! Copywriters research audience and market, develop brand tone, and much more. The writing is just a part of it. When I was learning to write copy, I felt like I didn’t know how to write at all despite writing consistently my whole life. Now that I’m experienced I can do it faster and more effectively. Don’t use your time learning to write your own copy. Hire a professional who can do it fast, effectively, and with expertise. 

Can’t I just do my own mental health copywriting?  

Yes you could. But if you’re not knowledgeable and experienced in writing copy, it won’t be as effective as an experienced copywriters’ piece. Copywriting is a profession over 100 years old. Allow a professional who understands the history and time-tested principles of the copywriting profession to write your copy. You’ll save time and get amazing copy in the process. 

What’s your payment policy? 

Once we agree on project scope and deliverables, I’ll invoice you for 50% of the project amount. Upon receipt, I’ll go ahead and start on the project. The other 50% of the project amount is due upon acceptance of the project, or at the end of the second round of edits. If you need help affording different pieces of writing, we can also do pay-per-piece. For example, if you bought a 12 blog package, I can invoice you as each blog is completed, rather than 50% of the 12 blogs up front. Ask me about payment plans. 

How fast can I get my projects back? 

In most cases, I have projects back within 7-14 days. It depends on my schedule and how far ahead I’m booked. If you’d like to skip to the front of my schedule, I’m willing to do that under certain rare circumstances for a fee. But for the most part, it’s first come, first served. For the most accurate time frame, ask about project turn-around time on our introduction call. 

How does the process of working with you work?  
  1. We hop on a discovery call to talk about your project. 
  2. If we’d like to work together, we’ll discuss project scope and deliverables. Then, I’ll send over a contract. 
  3. Upon signing of the contract and payment of the 50% project start fee, I’ll go ahead and write your copy and content. 
  4. You’ll receive your project back in 7-14 days. 
    Do you offer revisions? 

    Yes, each piece of copy and content comes with 2 rounds of revisions included in the price, to ensure you’re happy with each piece. Edits beyond this are charged at my hourly rate. 

    Why does copywriting cost so much? 

    Because it can bring so much money back to you. If a few thousand dollars gets you to the first page of Google in 3-6 months and brings you all that traffic, isn’t that worth it? The difference between having a website, and having the #1 ranked website for your city and specialty can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    What unique experience do you bring to the relationship? 

    I bring my lifetime of writing experience, 6+ years of daily meditation, personal experiences in therapy, struggles with anxiety, anger, depression, burnout, and more to the relationship. I write for your viewers because I’m one of them. My mental health challenges have shaped who I am, so I’m passionate about helping more clients find your services and get started on healing. Additionally, I’ve invested thousands of dollars and hours into perfecting my craft, ensuring you get value for your investment.

    Why do I need to hire a mental health copywriter? 

    Because you’re too busy to do it yourself. And you specialize in other areas, so it makes sense to hire a professional who does this 365 days a year to do it for you. Don’t waste time, get it right the first time. Hire me today

    What kind of services do you offer? 

    I write copy and content for mental health professionals. This includes: 

    • Marketing emails (that get opened and bring in sales) 
    • SEO blog content (that brings traffic and develops an audience) 
    • Website copy (that grips attention and converts readers into paying clients) 
    • Psychology Today profiles (that inspire people to stop searching and just call you) 
    How Do I Get Started? 

    If you’re ready to get killer website copy and content that ranks you high in Google searches, contact me. If you want to speed up the process, schedule a free discovery call to talk about your project here