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Being a Copywriter in Austin, TX

Do you wonder what it’s like to be a copywriter in Austin?

Well, here I am.

I’ve been here the whole time, hanging out on my mental health blog. And now I can tell you what it’s like.  

My name is Brandon Grill, and I’m a copywriter in Austin, TX. 

I usually write about mental health topics in this blog, but today I’m switching it up and doing something new

I’ll tell you how I’ve enjoyed being a copywriter in Austin and show you some of the landmarks I’ve come to love. Later, I’ll tell you what it’s like to write from my many favorite cafes in Austin, TX. 

Before we get started on Austin, let’s get to know each other a little… 

Who are you? 

Where do you come from? 

What is your favorite thing to do if you stay home on the weekend? 

Whenever I get to know someone, I start by establishing common interests. So let’s start there. 

How I Started Meditation for Anxiety, Stress, Strong Emotions

I love to meditate. 

The Beatles were my favorite band when I was 11 or 12, so I got inspired by George Harrison’s commitment to spirituality. I took a shot at meditation at that young age, then was on and off for the next 9 years.  

Mostly off if I’m being honest! 

(I credit the Beatles with so much in my life, but little did I know they’d impact my mental health and meditation blog!) 

Then, I bought my first meditation program, which came with an online community. From then on the habit really stuck. I’m 6 years into a daily meditation practice, and it only gets better every year. Heck, every week! 

Kicking the Bag: Muay Thai Relieves Stress Too

Another interest of mine is martial arts. Specifically, Muay Thai (think kickboxing from Thailand) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve done both for a few months apiece. Unfortunately, I had to take a break to focus on my career, but I’m dying to get back in the gym and kick the bag. 

Quick Story: I remember how hungry I was to compete in my first and only BJJ tournament. I drove with my team to compete in San Diego… long story short, I got smoked the first round, and cried next to my teammate in a crowded gym hall. Oh well, life in the arena isn’t supposed to be easy. 

Why Austin is the Best City for Fun and Copywriting.

Copywriter in Austin, TX

Now that you know a bit about me, let’s talk Austin. 

There’s always something to do, across a variety of interests. 

There’s bluegrass, emo bingo, dance clubs, salsa nights… bar hopping, World Cup watching, festival going, river floating… coffee drinking, taco eating, BBQ munching… 

Austin really has a lot to do. And there’s something for everyone. 

Personally, my favorite thing to do in Austin is get my mental health copywriting done at the local coffee shops. 

Copywriting from Austin’s Best Cafes

There’s Greater Good on the east side. I love their Vietnamese iced coffee with chicory. With the condensed coconut milk option, it’s pure bliss. The vibe is super mellow and friendly.

Then there’s Cosmic Coffee on Congress Ave. I like to meet up with friends at this café as the vibe is less for working and more for chilling. They have luxurious ponds and a variety of plants all around the grounds. It’s next to Crux climbing center which is a bonus for fit types. 

The café I frequent most is Radio Coffee and Beer off Menchaca Road. 

In South Austin, this is THE most popular café in town. The food trucks are freaking bomb. The Om Gai at DEE DEE Thai Food could be the best chicken soup I’ve ever tasted. And every taco at Veracruz is super fresh and delicious. Not to mention loaded. 

And did I mention the staff? Where do they get these amazing people? Like Sunny, the manager who remembered my name, thereby making me a lifelong customer. 

Or all of the women behind the counter who hook it up with lattes, cappuccinos and chai’s. Everyone is so friendly, even when they’re slammed. 

And the music is consistently bumping. They play everything, but some of my favorites are classic rock, the Beatles, Kendrick Lamar, 70s music, etc. 

A few other cafes for mental health copywriting in Austin:

  • Monkey Nest Coffee, in north/central Austin. Their monkey bread is delicious and is one of the most unique pastries I’ve found in Austin. Great, hip vibe as well, and spacious. 
  • Carpenter Hotel’s Coffee Bar. Their “Lady Bird” Latte is infused with orange syrup and has fresh orange peel shredded over the top. The cinnamon scone is very fresh and tasty. Well done guys. 
  • Summer Moon coffee shop on 1st street. This is the very first café I visited on my first trip to Austin. They have their own milk that they dub “moon milk.” It’s super creamy and tasty. Their pastries are off the hook, and there’s a huge variety of ‘em. Their holiday drinks don’t disappoint either. 

Being a copywriter in Austin, TX is a lot more fun and enjoyable with such great cafes to choose from. And I’m barely getting started on exploring. There’s still 20+ cafes to check out, and I’ve only been to 13 or so. I’ll have to update you in a future blog, so stay tuned.

Moving on…

Austin Texas copywriter

Why is Mental Health Copywriting in Austin the Best? 


That’s right. Comedy.

When I moved here, Austin really felt like the “live music capital of the world,” a title it’s gladly claimed for some time. 

But I think music has taken a back seat to comedy in the last year and a half. 

Despite the music and tech festivals, I still think comedy rules the show year-round. The local acts are great, and I’ve had a chance to see every major comedian in the last 12 months. Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Tom Segura, Bill Burr and more.

But my favorite comedy show is a free one on East Riverside…

Buzzkill Comedy happens every Wednesday at 9pm at Buzzmill Coffee. The hosts Angelina and Carlton are funny and entertaining. Their chemistry always feels fresh. 

The crowd ranges from packed on some nights to super-packed on others. And the comedians are genuinely hilarious. Grab a pecan porter and sit down for a great time. 

Mental Health Walks + Copywriting in Austin

Lately, I’ve been going on “mental health walks” on Sunday mornings. 

I grab a coffee and a pastry (can’t help it), then walk around downtown or an adjacent area for an hour. It really helps boost my mood for the day and is a great weekly ritual. 

When I take these breaks, I stop thinking about work stress or personal struggles and just BE. Afterwards, I always feel light and recharged, ready to get back to creating dope copy.

Often, I find new places that I want to visit. For instance, today I walked past Swedish Hill Deli and Café on East 6th street. It looked bomb, so I’m going to check it out when I’m hungry. 

Think about it this way: it’s easy to get stuck in routine, so we have to break it up consciously. Go city-exploring wherever you’re at, even if it’s not Austin, TX. You’ll enjoy it. 

Beyond Copywriting in Austin, TX: Sight-Seeing

Before I go, here are some other must-visits when you come to Austin. Though I’m a copywriter in Austin, TX, I’m still a human with diverse interests. Check out these spots when you visit: 

  • The beautiful state capital building. This place is massive, and I recommend walking around the site grounds. If you go in (which you should) make sure to ask for the guided tour, which happens at regular intervals. 
  • Walk from the state capital building south to the river. You’ll cross the Congress Avenue bridge and get a stunning view of the river. We call it “Lady Bird Lake” in tribute to Lady Bird Johnson, though you can call it the Colorado River if you like. You’ll see hundreds of people on kayaks and in boats having a blast. 
  • Check out Zilker Park. Not only is the name cool as hell, but the park is too. It’s a massive park area where they hold the Austin City Limits music festival every October. You’ll see people walking tight ropes, playing Frisbee and soccer, volleyball, walking their dogs, and picnicking. It’s a great time. 

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m still exploring Austin every week and finding new spots to immerse myself in. Visit, and tell me what you love about this city in the heart of Texas. 

Until then, I’ll continue getting my copywriting done in Austin’s cafes. 

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