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Anxiety Copywriter | The Best Way to Attract Clients Experiencing Anxiety

Your practice serves therapy clients who experience anxiety. I’m the anxiety copywriter who ensures they find you in Google search results (and reach out). See how working with me can add clients to your therapists’ caseloads.

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Who Needs to Hire An Anxiety Copywriter?

I work with therapists and other mental health professionals who treat clients with anxiety. If you treat anxiety and want to:

  • Atract more clients for your anxiety therapy service
  • Outsource the writing of your anxiety-related pages and blogs
  • Enjoy the benefits of having a marketing engine that brings you more clients

Then I’m the right guy for the job.

I’m so in awe of this email and all of the training, effort, enthusiasm and expertise you’re continually bringing in. I’ve received a few calls from people browsing the internet so what you’re doing is absolutely working. I have 3 new “ideal” clients from referrals so that is going REALLY WELL. I can not express in words just how grateful I am for all your hard work and dedication.

Anxiety Copywriting Services for Your Website

There are two main services you can hire me for to write about anxiety.

Service Pages to Convert Anxious Clients

A service page tells potential clients everything they need to know about your anxiety therapy service.

This helps them make an informed decision, and gives them a gentle nudge in the right direction.

A few services your future clients are searching for:

  • Anxiety Therapy [your city]
  • Social Anxiety Help Near Me
  • Postpartum Anxiety Therapist
  • Anxiety Therapy for Entrepreneurs

Anxiety Blogging to Rank Higher in Google

SEO Blogs are necessary for increasing your audience and bringing traffic to your service pages, ultimately adding clients.

I plan, write, upload, and continually improve the blogs I write for you, so you can sit back and enjoy results.

A few things your future clients are searching for:

  • Best treatment for anxiety
  • Social Anxiety from parents
  • Self-care for anxiety between sessions
  • Can I bring my partner to anxiety therapy?
Very much appreciate the initiative here 😁 You've been amazing! Thanks for being so on top of this.

Why Choose Me to Write About Anxiety?

These are a few great reasons to hire me to write about anxiety.

  1. I’m experienced – I’ve written about anxiety for many therapy practices.
  2. SEO is included – ensuring your service page and blogs are planned for success.
  3. First-hand experience with anxiety – I experience anxiety and social anxiety myself.

My own experiences with anxiety, therapy, meditation, and psychedelics inform the work I do for you. Additionally, my years of experience doing SEO and content for mental health companies ensures success.

In this case, success means more clients beginning anxiety therapy with you.

Brandon Grill

About My Experience As an Anxiety Copywriter

Personally, I’ve experienced almost crippling amounts of social anxiety. I’ve never been officially diagnosed so I tend not to make any strong claims about this. But I know that what I experience on a daily and weekly basis holds me back.

To overcome social anxiety, I meditate for 1 hour each day, use psychedelics maturely and safely, share with loved ones, and talk to my therapist. Over the years, I’ve made amazing strides and have even presented to groups of 15+ people.

When it comes to general anxiety, I have personal experience in a few areas. I know what it’s like to be anxious about money and finance, health, climate change, social injustice, the economy, and the health and safety of loved ones.

I say all this to say, when I write for you about anxiety, I’m writing from the perspective of what clients want to hear from a therapist.

My Anxiety Mission

My anxiety mission is to help 10,000 therapy clients get the help they need for anxiety.

Types of Anxiety I Write About

I’ve written about a wide range of anxiety-related issues. The following list gives a general overview, but is not comprehensive. If you don’t see something on this list, rest assured that I can write genuinely insightful articles and service pages for them.

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Shyness
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Agoraphobia
  • Panic Disorder
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Health Anxiety
  • Climate Anxiety
  • Economic Anxiety

I can write compelling service pages and blogs/articles for any of the above, and more. To get started, fill out the contact form below and I’ll reply via email within 48 hours.

Terrific writing. Brandon is knowledgeable about behavioral health and skilled in making it relatable.

Hire me if you want the following benefits:

  • More therapy clients coming from your website
  • Blogs that are helpful, that attract clients, and that you’re proud to share
  • Speaking to potential anxiety therapy clients in a way that connects deeply
  • An online marketing channel that runs without you lifting a finger
  • Getting a partner in business who cares about your success and works to upgrade your community impact

Benefits of Hiring Me As Your Anxiety Copywriter