Why Should I Hire a Mental Health Writer

Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter for Mental Health Companies

You need someone who can handle your business writing for you. Whether it’s your website, blog content, emails, or some other need, you’re wondering about the benefits of hiring a copywriter.

When mental health companies hire a copywriter, they get a lot in return: time to focus on other things, increased sales, and a brand that sounds like you.

In this blog, you’ll hear from 4 experienced copywriters about the value they bring to businesses like yours. By the end, you’ll understand the amazing benefits of hiring a copywriter.

why is it important to have a copywriter

Why is it important to have a copywriter?

Let’s leave mental health aside for a moment. Why are copywriters in general good for businesses?

“A good writer can help you start the right conversations with those who need help—whether they know they need a little support or not. That could mean increased awareness via blog content—that also serves as a helpful independent resource—or encouraging readers to take action by using clear, actionable, and easy-to-understand language in your copy. Ultimately, it’s about connecting you with those who can benefit from your professional help.” – Matthew Mace

Copywriting is a fundamental skill in marketing. Great writing attracts the right type of clients and nudges them towards a sale (or booking a therapy session).

As Matthew points out, copywriting is about connecting you with people who you can serve. That means more happy customers and more revenue for your business.

mental health copywriter

What is the value of hiring a mental health copywriter?

Okay, let’s narrow our focus to copywriting for mental health companies and therapy practices.

“One major benefit of hiring a copywriter is that it really allows you to focus on what matters most to you. In the case of mental health professionals, it allows you to focus more on [helping] your clients. Copywriters focus on the backend, like your website and emails, and that can help you make your clients more of a priority since you no longer have to worry about the technical side of your practice! We help you, help them!” – Haley Lewis

A good mental health copywriter can take a lot off your plate:

  • Website pages
  • Blog content
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Facebook and Google ads
  • Professional profiles such as Psychology Today

And more.

This allows you, as Haley points out, to focus on what matters most – helping your clients.

The value of hiring a good copywriter for mental health professionals is that you’ll attract more clients, have content you love, feel secure in your practice, and have time and energy for non-marketing activities.

why should I hire a copywriter

Why should mental health companies hire copywriters?

Nowadays, there is a ton of money flowing into the mental health space. Startups are popping up all over the place, and there’s big efforts to scale mental health services. Mental health tech is the gold-rush of the 2020s, it seems.

With all this capital flowing towards mental health tech, companies need to understand why hiring a copywriter is an incredible investment.

“Mental health companies are dedicated to providing support and care to individuals who are struggling in one way or another. A good way to effectively reach their target audience and communicate their message is by hiring copywriters (it’s a plus if they have a background in psychology!). By having strong, respectful, honest, and engaging copy on their websites and social media platforms, companies will attract new clients, ensure the message is on-point, and build brand awareness.” – Luisana Rodriguez

Building a brand can’t be overstated. Your brand is everything. Do people know your brand and associate it with positive qualities? A good copywriter can help make it so.

Developing a brand over time and strengthening it in the mind’s of your clients can mean the difference between thriving and closing shop.

Lesson: Make sure you get your brand right from the start so you can enjoy the benefits for the long haul. Hire a copywriter who can get your brand polished so you can grow without avoidable roadblocks.

why should I hire a freelance copywriter

Why should I hire a freelance copywriter?

Okay, it’s starting to make sense why a copywriter can be so valuable to your business. But do you need a full-time employee to handle your copywriting?

The answer depends on the size of your company and your copywriting and marketing needs. If you’re a small practice or mental health startup, it makes sense to hire a freelancer.

Freelancers don’t come with the overhead that a regular employee requires, they’re flexible in their approach, and in many cases you only pay them for completed work.

Hire a freelancer if you want:

  • A writer who understands your online content needs
  • Expertise across different types of writing (blogs, emails, website pages, etc.)
  • A business partner who can point out blind spots and act as a second opinion on important initiatives

Hire a copywriter in-house if you want:

  • Control over project priorities and deadlines
  • Someone who doesn’t give hard, constructive feedback
  • The structure of having an in-house employee

As always, decide which type of employee agreement supports your business goals.

should I hire a copywriter for my website

Should I hire a copywriter for my website?

Now you know the benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter. Should you hire one to write your mental health website? Here’s what Gilly Valentine had to say about this:

“Hiring a copywriter is a no-brainer for mental health companies. Having someone express succinctly why clients should come to you for treatment while getting across your brand principles is so valuable. And if this person can ‘do SEO’ you’ll also see a massive upswing in leads. Priceless!”

In short, the right copywriter who understands search engines can turn your website into a client-attracting magnet.

With the benefits of SEO, your website could become #1 for your location and/or specialty, leading to more than enough clients for your company or practice.

copywriter for mental health professionals

Hire a Copywriter for Mental Health Professionals

Hiring a copywriter for your therapy practice or mental health company is an investment worth making. In this blog, we’ve covered many benefits of hiring a copywriter for your mental health practice or business.

You now know that a copywriter for mental health will help get your content looking great and attracting new clients. They’ll also build a strong brand for you that earns the trust of your clients and solidifies your position in the market and your community.

So, don’t hesitate to hire a copywriter for mental health professionals. It’s one of the best investments you can make when you’re looking to grow your business. Be sure to comment below any questions that you may have about this topic.


What can a copywriter do for my business?

A professional copywriter will…

  • get you noticed online and by the media.
  • boost your Google search engine ranking.
  • develop and showcase your unique brand.
  • write copy that excites clients to work with you.
  • know how to write appropriately for many different channels.
  • save you time, allowing you to focus on the things you are best at (like helping clients).

Why do companies hire freelance writers?

Save time and money. This is the benefit that makes hiring freelance writers the most attractive. Freelancers are self-employed, so you don’t need to provide benefits, office space, or supplies. You don’t need to spend time in an intensive hiring or training process with a freelancer.

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