Meet Brandon Grill, Your Mental Health Copywriter

Brandon fountain Medellin

Hi, I’m Brandon Grill, a mental health copywriter based in Las Vegas, NV.

On this page, I’ll attempt to explain who I am through text and images, despite the fact that these will never approach the true essence of any person.


These two pictures are from my 2023 travels. I hit 10 countries in 22 weeks!

Why I Write About Mental Health

1. I’ve meditated for at least one hour each day since March 2017. In that time, I’ve overcome trauma, anxiety, mild depression, low self-worth, and more.

2. I want to use these experiences to help more people access and benefit from mental health therapy. Helping people is why I do mental health marketing!

3. My nephews inform everything I do and every part of who I am. Having overcome my own traumas (a never-ending process), I am working to leave them a world with better mental health.

4. In addition to meditation, I’ve done individual and group therapy, retreats (including a week at the Rio Retreat Center), psychedelic ceremonies and mature personal use, and more.

Guatemala Antigua
Antigua, Guatemala
My adorable nephews!

Life Transforming Experience: Bringing Travel Experiences to My Work for Mental Health Companies

In 2023, I was fortunate enough to travel through Central and South America for 22 weeks. 

It was a life-changing experience and I’ll never be the same – in a good way.

Travel opened my eyes to how well we have it in the U.S. and taught me deep gratitude (what meditation coach Cory Muscara calls “spiritual gratitude”). It taught me the value of connection, perspective, and integrity. Also, education, being of service, and perseverance.

Today, I bring these experiences to every piece of marketing materials I write for mental health companies.

What other experiences do I bring to the table when I write for you?


Children traveling
Family riding on a motorcycle in Iquitos, Peru.

Personal Experiences that Inform My Writing

In addition to my travels, I bring 7 years of daily meditation to the work I do for therapy practices. I’ve also done various seasons in therapy, and have gone on many therapist-led retreats. For instance, I did one week at The Meadows’ Rio Retreat Center in Wickenburg, AZ back in 2021.

Having healed a lot of my own trauma (an ongoing, daily process), I know what it’s like to feel down in life. And through my efforts at healing, I’ve learned that healing is possible – with effort and expert guidance.

So I bring all of this to the table when writing for you. And Google likes it. They use the EEAT acronym for good content. Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness – I bring experience in abundance.


My Values As A Mental Health Writer

  1. Accuracy. Everything I write for your practice will be accurate, up-to-date, and have credible sources cited, such as the APA, NIMH, and other governmental and educational bodies.
  2. Helpfulness. What’s the point of writing for the internet if it doesn’t help the people who read it? I write everything through the lens of, “what can readers take from this and apply immediately?” Sometimes that looks like a self-care exercise or grounding technique, more often it looks like urging them to reach out for your phone consultation.
  3. Strategy. I work hard to ensure results for every client. To get results more reliably and efficiently, I plan a content strategy in advance that’s tailored to you, your services and offerings, your ideal clients, the area in which your therapists’ practice, and what your competition is doing. Planning ahead ensures all efforts are thoughtful and effective, so we get results for your practice.
  4. Digestibility. I write at a digestible level. I use a lot of short sentences. If there’s a choice between two synonyms, I choose the smaller one most times. Why? Because long, scary sentences bore (or scare off) readers. I use this simple lens in everything I write to reach the largest audience: “Is this easy-to-understand for the average person? Would a 6th grader be able to follow this?” (Research shows that most adults read at a 6th-8th grade level, and even those who can read more complex material find simple writing more accessible.)
  5. Collaboration. Some of my best pieces have been those where I feature experts. I have a huge list of connections on LinkedIn thanks to posting 150 times in 2023, so I always have experts on tap. How does this benefit the work I do for you? It makes your content more trustworthy, and allows it to rank more highly in Google’s search algorithm. Also, experts love sharing pieces in which they’ve been featured, so your audience grows!

Want to Pass Off Your Mental Health Marketing to An Expert?

Here are some results I’ve gotten for clients:

  • 21x site users for a solo therapy practice
  • Increased time on site by 525% within 2 months
  • Added 16 ranking keywords for one site within 28 days
Note: I no longer work with solo practices, and above results are just for proof.
For another client, here are some striking results:
  • Added 39 ranking keywords to one site within 28 days
  • Improved impressions from 18,900 to 25,300 within 28 days (134%!)
  • Increased time on page by 225% in one month
  • Upgraded backlink count by 30 within 28 day period
I’m only getting more experienced and knowledgeable about mental health marketing and SEO for therapists. Will you let me do the hard work to fill your caseloads while you sit back and focus on clients?