7 Strong Reasons Every Therapist Should Write Content

7 Strong Reasons Every Therapist Should Write Content

Writing content is a major key in attracting, educating, and retaining therapy clients. That’s why every therapist business coach I know recommends some form of content writing. That’s true whether you’re writing blogs, guest blogs, social media posts, or your website copy.

But the benefits go beyond what you may have considered so far.

I’m here to give you 7 strong reasons to write your own content. Some of these you’ve thought of before, some you may have not. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits you’ll read about in this blog:

  1. Attract New Clients Through SEO
  2. Show Your Personality
  3. Double Up on Content for Faster Growth
  4. Educate Prospective (and Current) Clients
  5. Learn Business Skills Through Writing
  6. Grow Your Professional and Personal Networks
  7. Grow Your Practice with the Right Talent

You won’t find these insights anywhere else → they come directly from my first-hand experience.

Attract New Clients Through SEO

Most therapists know that writing content somehow, some way helps bring clients through the door (or secure Zoom portal). You’re in good company if this isn’t news to you. 

But let me explain it differently than you may have heard.

Have you ever seen those movies where a kid rolls a snowball down a hill and the snowball gets bigger and bigger? Pretty soon the snowball is unstoppable. It’s gonna hit the town and make a big mess, and someone’s gonna get in trouble.

SEO is like that big snowball. No, not that it’s gonna make a huge mess or get you in trouble. But yes, in that once it reaches a certain threshold, it’s unstoppable.

Your goal with writing content as a therapist is to reach that threshold, that critical mass.

For a quick refresher, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

What are you optimizing? Your chances of showing up in search engines like Google. When someone Googles “anxiety therapist near me,” you want to be in the top 3 spots.

How are you optimizing your chances of showing up? Publishing quality content every week or two for the long haul, then having an SEO take care of the technical aspects.

You’d be surprised at how low the bar is in a lot of markets. Some practices publish content until they reach #1 and then stop. Nobody else challenges them, so they get all of the traffic for months or even years. 

Don’t let that be you.

You’re gonna publish content every week or two. You’ll get some results along the way, and then all of a sudden you’ll reach the top positions for a few solid keywords. Then your practice will be overflowing with consultations and appointments.

Want to attract new clients long term? Start writing and publishing every week consistently.

Show Your Personality

This benefit flies under the radar. You’re not just blogging to inform or educate new clients (though those are great reasons to do so). 

You want to write content that shows your personality! It’s the best way to attract the RIGHT clients and repel the WRONG clients.

After all, you’re not building your private (or group) practice to work with clients you don’t connect with on that deep level. No, you’re in psychotherapy to help people who vibe with you and who you vibe with in return.

So put some personality in your content and bring more best-fit clients to your practice. Crack a few jokes, share ideas and quotes you love, and choose your hard-won insights over conventional wisdom.

The right people are gonna love it.

Double Up on Content for Faster Growth

I’ll admit it: I love it when my clients write blogs. 

Of course, I’m always by their side to help with formatting, keyword research, and more. But some special things happen when a therapist writes content.

For one, they usually pick a topic that’s currently relevant to their clients. That means real clients are getting the insights they need, straight from a therapist they know and trust.

For another, I’m already writing blogs for them. So by doubling up on the content, we’re publishing more high-quality, high-authority content in a fraction of the time. That means much faster growth.

Educate Prospective (and Current) Clients

Another strong reason to write your content is to educate people.

Consider this keyword: “I can’t talk to my husband without him getting angry”

This keyword gets searched 1600 times every month in the US. And though it’s commonly searched, the competition for ranking is a low 17/100 according to SEMrush. Even the SERP (search engine results page) is confused as to which websites to recommend. 

That’s a big opportunity to educate clients and prospects by giving them valuable insights. And when you educate someone, you gain their trust, and ideally their patronage.

What about people who are already your clients? 

Your content can give your current clients the words they need to communicate with you better and get more out of therapy. I can say from personal experience that books and content have given me the words I needed to express myself better to my therapist. 

Educate → inspire trust → gain new clients → retain and educate even more

Learn Business Skills Through Writing

Now let’s think a little out of the box. What business skills can you acquire when writing your own content?

  • Outlining and organizing content (helpful for aspiring authors)
  • Local SEO and How to Show Up on Google Maps
  • Hiring more therapists as your practice grows
  • Networking with contributing authors
  • Understanding content funnels
  • Content planning with SEO
  • Keyword research skills
  • Website Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • And more

I’ve learned so many business skills in my journey as a mental health content writer. So I can tell you with confidence that these skills will be valuable no matter what you do in business.

Some therapists leave their practice to become practice coaches. Some go the full-time content writer route. Others help with SEO for therapists. And still, others leave the field altogether to become interior designers.

Writing content and the business skills that come with it will serve you regardless of your next step.

I try to urge all my private practice clients to become group practice owners. Greater impact, more people served, supervising newer therapists, and higher income are all direct routes from content writing.

Grow Your Professional and Personal Networks

Face it: you love relationships. That’s why you’re a therapist! So why not lean into that when writing content? 

You can reach out to other mental health professionals for:

  • Expert Quotes
  • Guest Posting
  • Expert Collaborations
  • Live Masterclasses and Workshops

It’s a great way to build your network and even make friends. For example, in a blog I wrote about Trauma-Informed Language, I got quotes from 4 mental health professionals. I’m still in touch with 2 of them regularly and have worked with both.

You can do the same.

Write content, build your network, make connections that become friends, and expand your audience. As you can tell, the benefits of writing aren’t only for your website or getting new therapy clients. It quickly becomes a life-supporting practice.

Grow Your Practice with the Right Talent

One often overlooked benefit of writing content? What kind of therapists you attract.

Nicole McCance recommends content (and job ads) to attract the right talent. And she would know after growing multiple 7-figure practices.

It’s also why I recommend my clients specialize heavily. My client Sonia Diaz-Ebadi is slowly building her website around 3 special areas of focus:

  • Co-occurring Anxiety and Depression
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Trauma/Childhood Trauma

Further, she targets (mostly) women and only offers online therapy.

Based on this very specific focus, it will be easy to attract good talent → therapists who specialize in overlapping areas and demographics. But also therapists who complement Sonia’s specialties, schedule, and online-only offering.

Attracting the right talent is just one more strong reason to write your own content.


I hope you’re feeling calm and confident now. Writing content isn’t all hard work and no play. There are a ton of amazing reasons to start.

  1. Attract New Clients Through SEO
  2. Show Your Personality
  3. Double Up on Content for Faster Growth
  4. Educate Prospective (and Current) Clients
  5. Learn Business Skills Through Writing
  6. Grow Your Professional and Personal Networks
  7. Grow Your Practice with the Right Talent

I’d love to help you get all of these benefits above and more. 

If you need someone to help guide your content or produce amazing content alongside or for you, contact me using the contact form at the bottom of my home page. 

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