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Do you want to have a bigger impact on the mental health of your community? SEO mental health content can serve as a bridge that connects you with those who need your services. Work with me as your freelance content partner to gain recognition for your clinic, have greater positive impact on your community, grow an engaged audience, book more services, and win in Google’s algorithm.

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Ultimately, great content can save lives. People are more likely to turn to the internet for help in 2023 than they are a friend. Let’s make sure we have amazing content in place for those in need, such as those who are facing suicidality, depression, and other mental health diagnoses which are far too common.

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Imagine how good it would feel when your colleagues start asking how you make such AMAZING content. That could be your reality when you work with me. So, who’s a good fit for my services?


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How I Became a Mental Health Content Writer

In 2018, I made the tough choice to end all of my toxic friendships. And as anyone who’s ended a toxic relationship knows, it’s not easy.

In the aftermath, I became the most depressed I’d ever been. I had no friends and was isolated constantly. To make it worse, my family could see my depression but didn’t know how to help me. 

Eventually, I entered a weekly group therapy for anxious and depressed 20-somethings. I learned first-hand that everyone struggles with mental health at some point, and almost everyone can benefit from outside help.

In conjunction with group therapy, I started reading every psychology book I could find and going to therapy-focused retreats. I learned what I could from each experience, understood how my life experiences shaped who I am, and began resolving my depression and past trauma.

Today, more than 5 years later, my mental health is better than ever. I have new, more meaningful relationships, and I have the privilege of helping mental health organizations build an audience with SEO-blog content and website copywriting.

If you’re a company that wants real mental health impact, let me put my content skills, life experiences, and PASSION for mental health to work for you.

My Mission:

To write mental health content that connects providers with those who need their help, thereby easing people’s suffering, and maybe even saving lives.


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