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In an insanely competitive business,  how do you rise above all the sales chatter?

Cedar, vinyl, and fiber-cement siding materials have been around for a long time. Each with its pluses and minuses. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the best of each while eliminating the worst?   Well, now you can!

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With  Everlast!

A unique siding material combining the best of cedar, vinyl, and fiber-cement sidings. From your customer’s first look, they will know it’s something special.

Everlast is made from a patented formula starting with a resilient polymer base combined with an inorganic mineral for long lasting durability. It is finished with Color Hold, a UV-stable acrylic polymer with exceptional fade-resistant properties. All backed by a Lifetime Performance Warranty. It is offered in both 4 1/2″ & 6 7/8″ profiles, with a cedar finish in multiple colors.

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Everlast is a perfect blend of natural beauty and rugged construction.   In looks, feel, performance, and ease of installation, it outshines them all.

  • No priming/painting required.
  • Place it in a bucket of water. Come back in a day. Not one drop of water is absorbed. Now, try that with fiber-cement. Think what you’ll save in service call backs. And no repainting 12 to 15 years down the road.
  • Solid and rigid. Strike it with a hammer. No problem. Try that with vinyl!
  • Cedar cups and splits, and needs regular maintenance. Not Everlast. But like cedar, it is fully paintable to match any custom color now, or down the road. Your customers will love that! 
  • Complete Siding System  – Easy to Install

We provide everything you need to efficiently install on any building type. If you can install other siding material, you can install Everlast. If you install fiber-cement, you will love installing Everlast.   After your first few projects, you will find it as easy as vinyl siding.

Stop competing on price point against all your competitors.  Offer your customers a unique product that rises above the generic sales proposals offering vinyl, fiber-cement or cedar.

 Offer them Everlast!

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