The “A” Team

Your “A” Team

No, it’s not your top performers, nor is it your “go to” person in the office. It’s your customers. They make up your “A” team. Without them, you really don’t have a business.

Let me ask, “what are the main reasons why someone contacts you? If you don’t have a quick and clear answer, I would strongly suggest you take some time to find out.

Here’s why. How can you connect with someone without knowing their concerns? What are their wants, needs, fears, and desires relative to your products and service? Find out what it is that leads or drives them to call you in the first place.

Having a clear understanding as to why they call you is the first step to developing a market strategy. In other words, don’t try to create a need, find one that already exists, and provide for it. Since you are already doing that, you now need to develop a clear understanding as to what that is.

Once you have this understanding, you can build a solid profile of your customers. With this profile, you can begin to craft messages that connect your target audience to your company. When you make the customer your “A” team, you will win more games. And that is beneficial to all.