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Maybe You Need a Bigger Hammer?                            

Think it’s technology that solves problems? Think again; It’s people. Technology is only a tool. Consider the hammer: Useful as it may be, it just sits there until a carpenter comes along, picks it up, and uses it to build a house. The same is true for technology. When you put technology into the hands of skilled engineers, you get great products.

Now, if all you need delivered to your door is a box full of standard parts – great! There are display suppliers who can provide this (Good luck if those parts don’t quite fit). We think there is a better solution. Connect with a team of dedicated professionals who will make sure the exact components you need are the ones you get; Perfect fit, no hammer required.

Behind every great company is a great team. It might seem obvious, but it often gets lost in the abstractions of business models, high-tech razzle dazzle, and price-points. Underneath all this are the people who make it a reality. While we have built a very successful business in the high-tech field of display module manufacturers, our real strength is the people who make-up the NVD Team (In fact, we couldn’t have done it without them). I’d like to introduce you to some of them:

•Karen Small has been providing NVD customer support for 27 years:
“To help a customer make a fast change to a turn-key product, we assembled a team here… It was fun to see the truck pulling away at midnight…. Knowing we satisfied a customer was very invigorating.”

•Mohamed Haider has been serving the display industry for decades:
“It’s like a minefield of displays out there, people don’t always know what they need. Our sales and support staff is there to help them navigate those minefields.”

•Aubree Abernethy does marketing out of our Chicago office:
“I’ve never worked with such amazing people before… extremely educated and knowledgeable. We have great collaboration between everyone here.”

We manufacture what we design out of our facilities in China – operated by a dynamic group of people with three decades of trusted experience. We can manufacture custom displays, touch sensors and cover lenses, plus bond them together into complete one-stop solutions. And, partnered with Corning, we are a glass cover lens manufacturer licensed to process Gorilla® Glass for cover lens applications. No need to shop around for multiple suppliers. This allows us to control costs; a cost benefit we pass on to you.

But we don’t rest on our cost-saving laurels. We have offices in North America, Europe, and Asia providing sales and tech support. So that wherever you are, you can talk to people in your time zone, that speak your language. In short, you won’t hear, “here’s your parts, have a nice day.” At NVD, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships.

From standard solutions to uniquely customized systems, our qualified people are here to help you achieve your manufacturing goals – working together every day to solve problems and develop exciting innovations, all while making your life easier.

Give us a call. We’d love to hear about your current project. Together, we can explore solutions that will fit your specifications, budget, and long-term reliability concerns.

People helping people; It’s what we do!  No hammer required.

Meet others from our team in this video:

“People helping People!”