Mac Security Systems (trifold brochure)

Excerpt from Consumer Version Brochure.

(Front Cover)

MAC Security Systems, Inc.                                                                                 Security you can Trust since 1992

 (Inside fold-in flap)

 Leaving for work in the morning, the children off to school, entire neighborhoods empty. This is why most break-ins occur during the day. Then, your children come home from school to an empty house.


And what about vacation time, when your home is left vacant for days on end?


Unfortunately, locked doors & lighting are no longer enough.

(Inside Spread Copy)

However, you can turn your home into your castle, and we can help.

with Mac Security Systems Inc.                                                                                Stress free security using cutting-edge technology along with 24/7 monitoring, where police, fire, and medical help are only minutes away.

And a friendly message letting you know your children are safe at home.

  • No one size fits all. We custom design & install each security system to your specific needs.
  • Your system is virtually automatic: simple, low maintenance operation.
  • You own your system. No long term lease payments that end up costing you far more.
  • Like you, we are homeowners with families, and approach each home as our own.
  • Insured.  Experienced.  Trusted.

Protection, peace-of-mind & MORE                                                                 even when you’re not home.

(Back Cover)

Mac Systems inc. have been serving the Chicagoland community since 1992. We would be honored to assist you with all your home security needs.

  • Wireless Alarm Security
  • CCTV
  • Medical Alert
  • Fire Alarm Security*

*Fire RISK is measured in minutes.  Quick is Critical!                                       ASK us about fire protection.

For a free consultation                                                                                                     Call or email us Today!

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