How May We Help You?

How May We Help You?

“I don’t care what you know, until I know that you care!”

Sales departments are filled with these kinds of expressions. Corny perhaps, but largely accurate. Copy, like sales, is fundamentally about people connecting with people. Less technology; more psychology. Let me tell you a little story:

A tree service company regularly sent out Direct Mail Flyers announcing in big, bold letters the company name. C&L Tree Service Inc. I gave them a call and suggested we get together so I can show them how to improve their flier. After some initial negativity on their part, they reluctantly agreed.

I explained to them that while they are proud of the name—rightly so as they are proud of the business they have built—homeowners don’t have any connection to the name, nor do they much care. Harsh words, but true.

Instead, start with the concerns of homeowners relative to your services. After some brainstorming, we came up with this concept: “Don’t wait for that next storm to knock your tree down” Not brilliant, nor will it win any creative awards. So what, my job is to help my clients achieve their goals, not thump my own chest.

We came up with four simple campaigns, one for each season. Each highlighting a concern or need that often led their customers to give them a call. We reduced the text while highlighting the benefits to the homeowners. We also included a time sensitive coupon.

Effective? Yes. Previous average response was approximately .002. The new flyers produced a .005 response rate. And they told me they had a much higher conversion rate (less “tire-kickers” you might say).

They were very happy with the results, and results are what matter. Not cute. Not clever. But an increase in customer activity. Increased profits. Increased sense of security within the marketplace.

All because they let go of the company perspective, and began greeting homeowners from their perspective.

If you know I care, you will listen to what I know. And you will be more likely to follow the CTA.