CopyWriters: What & Why

What the Heck’s a Copywriter?

Quite simply, a copywriter is a person who writes. More specifically, a copywriter focuses on written content for businesses and organizations. This is typically, but not limited to, brochures, web pages, ads, slogans, and white papers.

More specific still, a copywriter is a specialist. It is the difference between your primary care physician and a heart surgeon. Sure we can all write, but can we create a novel? What about a poem or credible position paper? Writing effective copy is far more than putting words down on paper. It is coming up with dynamic concepts, crafting a compelling narrative, and choosing the right words. And that is something not everyone can do, not even your “go-to” person in the office.

Writing effective copy requires a strong command of the craft of writing, a clear understanding of business, and the art of connecting with people: which is a combination of science and psychology, along with a healthy dose of creativity.

By effective, I mean copy that grabs the attention of the target audience, and motivates them to take the desired action (CTA).

Do you need one? Ask yourself, do I need to promote my company? That’s an easy question: Absolutely. And if you are spending time, effort, and money on promoting your business or organization, it only makes sense to make sure the content is top notch.

Why? Because words matter. Words sell.  If they are the right words. And if not, you are probably spinning your wheels. If you’re not satisfied with the results of your marketing campaigns, it is very likely the fault of the quality of your copy.

And the solution to this problem is an easy one: bring in a copywriter.

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