Brochure for water filtration company

It all starts with the water.

Consistent High Quality Water with great taste is a key link in the economic success for the vending and catering market.

Taste. Uniformity. Value added.

Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, and Carbonated Drinks are only as good as the water used in your machines. Top-Quality Water allows all of these beverages to rise to their highest level, satisfying even the most discriminating consumer.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Filtering water is not merely a matter of taste, but provides protection for your equipment, and improves all aspects of efficiency. Also, it helps to lengthen the service life of all water-based appliances so they function more smoothly with minimal servicing and downtime.

In short, Perfectly filtered water that tastes great is fundamental to vending success.

Unfortunately, when it comes to water, every situation is different. The biological, chemical and physical interrelationships are extremely complex. As is the proper filtering necessary to ensure Top-Quality Water. The filtration of drinking water is a specialized science: It calls for in-depth research and development, outstanding technical expertise, and the mastery of sophisticated analytical testing. In a word:

It’s pure high-tech. What emerges is pure water.

Our mission is to provide Top-Quality Water for our customers.”

Thanks to our focus on cutting-edge technology, we are now the market leader for water optimization, offering state-of-the-art filtration technology. We have set new standards in terms of taste improvement, machine protection and convenience for water optimization in all areas of the catering and vending sectors.

Scientific Expertise. Customer proximity.

Top-Quality Water employs over 2,300 scientists, developers, engineers and many other water specialists. With the help of innovative technology these professionals strive to offer domestic,

industrial and public-sector customers maximum safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with water.

You get a team of water experts with years of expertise in their field fully engaged in optimizing water quality. Along with a first-class network of dealers, operators and manufacturers of coffee and vending machines, and on-site expertise, there is no better partner to assist you in the operation of all your vending water needs.

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  A focus on catering and vending.

Top technological solutions to optimize water for manufacturing consumer products in the catering sector.

  Individual ‘ready-to-use packages’ for operators and manufacturing partners.

  Worldwide distribution and on-site service for our vending partners.

  Certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

“A high-tech international organization plus

a local team of on-site specialists – a combination

ensuring great partnership success.”

We haven’t forgotten the catering sector.

The catering sectors owe a large part of their revenue to the sale of hot drinks. Tea, cocoa, coffee, espresso, cappuccino and other beverages are important profit generators contributing to the success of your business. And just as the quality of the raw materials you use to create your menu are critical to the meals served to your customers, water is the basis for all of your drinks, including the water used for making ice.

Water filtration also applies to the operation of hot-air steamers and ovens, where optimum water and steam properties help determine top cooking results. Also, it helps to lengthen the service life of all water-based appliances so they function more smoothly and with minimal servicing.

In short, Perfectly filtered water that tastes great is fundamental to catering success.

Whether we are talking about water to be drunk pure from dispensers or hot drinks machines in catering and vending, or “process water” for hot-air steamers and ovens in canteens and commercial kitchens – our filtration systems provide perfect water with a low carbonate hardness but rich in valuable minerals, particle-free, odorless and without any taste of chlorine.

A wide product range, consisting of filtration systems for use in coffee machine tanks or for water mains connection, will cover all conceivable requirements at the point of use: From standard filters, which account for a high percentage of practical applications, through special de-ionisation filters, corrosion protection, “off-flavor” and pollutant filtration, to premium filtering for gourmet-quality water. We offer everything you need in a turnkey operation.

Simple. Complete.

All filter cartridges are easily installed disposable products featuring 4-stage filtration, with a horizontal or vertical design so they will fit into any confined space. The entire filter cartridge program is equipped with a standardized filter head (Single-Head-Technology) to ensure fast changes in filter size as needed – brilliantly simple and brilliantly economical. A concept that truly caters to the interests and needs of our customers and consumers at the point of use.

  Perfect water optimization for all water capacities and situations.

  PREMIUM class filtration with a patented system.

  Uniform, reproducible taste and cooking results.

  Optimum machine protection and a long service life.

  Extremely user-friendly handling.

  Space-saving due to horizontal or vertical installation options.

  “Single-Head-Technology” for flexibility and reduction in cost

High-tech innovation, ease of use, on site support.

It is no surprise that our filtration systems are found in successful vending and catering companies throughout the world.