About Me

Dynamic Commercial Writer with extensive Sales Experience

My first great love was reading. Magazines, books, newspapers, billboards (hey, you’ve got to do something on long car rides), as long as it was well written.  Reading taught me the power of words, and the commanding presence words can have when used well.

Of course I wasn’t always reading. I managed to play a lot of sports along the way. This taught me to play fair, but play to win. And a highly competitive spirit is what brought me to professional sales.

Long hours, lots of rejection, but also the sweet joy of success: building relationships with other professionals; solving problems; and supporting the bottom line.

Along the way, I found myself volunteering to do the company writing. I had studied writing in college (Shimer College-a  Great Books college in Chicago where I received a BS with Distinction) and excelled at writing essays and short stories.  When I combined my academic work with sales, I found my calling.

While it’s true we all write,  how many can write a novel, or a successful speech? And writing strong, effective copy is another talent altogether. By merging my 25 years of sales success with my academic writing, I have found the perfect recipe:

Copy that is sharp, commanding, and on target. It is both science and art, with a healthy dash of psychology thrown into the mix.

I have a college degree in academic research and writing, and twenty-five years of professional marketing and sales experience, along with writing for the business market. I have further expanded my skills through professional development courses in business psychology and marketing. My copy is on time, true to your vision, and developed through professional relationships with my clients.

Simply put, I help companies become more profitable by crafting dynamic and concise sales and marketing messages in brochures, ads, newsletters, web sites, and other information vehicles. And I would love to do the same for you.

Got a few minutes?  Give me a call.

Bruce Grabowski
B&G CopyWriting
532 S. 2nd Street
West Dundee, IL 60118